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Benefits of Signing up for a Live Demo
Live online demos allow you to learn about our Wealth Portfolio Strategy without the need to drive to our office or coordinate meeting locations.

This has proven to be very popular with busy professionals on the go and those who working and traveling abroad.
Our live demos are meant to show you how our strategy can help you build a wealth portfolio – that’s it.

We don’t use pressure cooker questions such as “Ready to move forward?” or “How can I earn your business today?” We trust you are smart enough to realize if what we offer is right for you or not.
In the age of social media we have more ways to talk (ex: blog, text, post, etc.), but still only one way to hear. Technology doesn’t change the fact that understanding comes from listening.

By hearing and seeing us conduct a demonstration you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how our Wealth Portfolio Strategy can help you make your first million or your next million.

For a convenient way to gain a deeper understanding of the
The Wealth Portfolio, schedule your live demo today!

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When: Mondays and Wednesdays 10AM – 12PM

Time: 15 minutes of me talking, followed by 15 minutes of your questions

Where: Demos occur virtually via phone and computer

Who: For privacy, demos are one on one unless there is a group request

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