Reclaiming your time

  • August 29, 2017
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Around the country the term “reclaiming my time” has become a rallying cry for the resistance, but how do we take this flashpoint moment in culture and apply it to our personal walk?

How do we reclaim our time?

It’s important to know that we exchange time for money in the form of labor for income.  Money is known as a lot of things, but seldom is it referred to as a store of value, yet that is what money does.  Money stores the value of our labor and allows us to trade it for goods and services.  Without money we’d have to go around performing odd tasks and bartering for every good or service we need.

The value of the time we spend working is stored in the money we earn.  Thus, if we want to get that time back we need in invest, not spend, all the money we make.  In fact, what we want to do is invest our money in a manner that makes more money for us.  This is really what getting rich or saving for retirement is all about.

We exchange time and talent for enough money so that we no longer have to trade our time and talent to provide for our needs and wants.  Instead, we accumulate enough money to trade money for more money.

When we reach the point where we no longer trade time for money, but rather money for more money we have essentially reclaimed the time we originally lost.

Time is money, to reclaim it you must invest money in a manner that makes money for you.