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Twenty years ago I decided to live the life I want.


One day into my first engineering internship told me all I needed to know.  A traditional career wasn’t for me.  At the time I was still in college and it was too late to change majors, but it was the perfect time to change the direction of my life.


The challenge was figuring out which way I wanted to go.  After one month in corporate America I discovered my passion and interest in investing.  It helped that the stock market was crashing and Jim Cramer was just starting to emerge as a major star on CNBC.  This made it very easy to follow the markets and become engrossed in all things financial.


Once I knew where I wanted to be what followed next was a series of moves to put myself in position to finally start living the life I wanted.  A life that has given me the opportunity to help other people like you live the life they want.


They say that people spend a lot of time trying to impress others.  I say that a life lived to it’s fullest potential can’t help but be impressive.


If you’re not impressed with the life you are living decide today to live the life you want.


I hope that your decision leads to me helping you.


15720 Brixham Hill Ave

STE 300

Charlotte, NC 28277

info@wilsonwealth.com  |   704-222-4162

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