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Founder, Advisor Representative

Maurice L. Wilson is an engineer turned financial advisor who uses his engineering degree from Tennessee State University to help clients build generational wealth in the stock market.  His journey from engineering to financial services began shortly after he started his first career at Chrysler Automotive Company in Detroit, Michigan.  During this time, the dot com bubble burst in the stock market and caught his interest just as he was beginning to learn about investing via his company 401k.  What began as a casual interest quickly developed into a passion that led him to start his own firm, Wilson Wealth, located in beautiful Charlotte, NC. 


Today, along with a team of experienced advisors, he helps successful business owners and high income professionals throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic build generational wealth in the stock market.  He still uses his engineering degree stating that every client represents an open-ended problem that can  be solved in an infinite number of ways.  His motto in life is “Money can’t make you happy, but it does give you options.”

When not working Maurice is a devoted father and husband who believes strongly in the idea that family time is the only time you can't get back.  He is an avid supporter of his church, Clark Atlanta's WCLK jazz station, and his alma matter Tennessee State University.

Hear more from Maurice via his Podcast:  The Wealth Equation

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