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Ep 29: Reflections and Resolutions

Heading into the new year, The Wilson Wealth Show team focuses on reflections, resolutions and understanding the big picture. Intentionality takes center stage as Ablavi, Marcus and M

aurice discuss their plans for 2022 and the discipline they’re bringing in pursuit of opportunity on the horizon. The co-hosts take a look at where we’ve been and where we’re likely headed, given historical economic, geopolitical, technological and cultural cycles. They’re excited!

Pandemic is also front-and-center on this episode: The many impacts of coronavirus not only in terms of disruption and loss of loved ones, but also because of the shifts that have occurred as a result. People no longer feel chained to dead-end jobs or cubicle commutes, which Maurice believes will have profound long-term impacts on family life and the economy. The co-hosts discuss trends in real estate in their respective markets in the “New New South” and what it means for the Black middle and working class.

Advisors at Wilson Wealth clearly see a rising level of interest among clients, who are exploring investment vehicles that might previously have seemed out of reach. The goal is to guide people at all ages and stages of life through landmines on the way to prosperity. Tune in to get oriented for 2022 and also hear about evergreen podcasts from 2021 (links below) that – if you haven’t heard them already – you won’t want to miss!

We hope you enjoyed this episode and will continue to join us for more in the year ahead. Please click here to listen to previous shows recorded in 2021!

Key Quotes:

“Like with a lot of stuff in our community, we touch stuff and make it cool and I feel like we’ve brought the idea of making money into the mainstream.” (Marcus)

“I like setting a (New Year’s) word versus a goal because then it’s something you can keep at and keep at doing.” (Maurice)

“In broad strokes you have nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, metaverse, all the sustainability initiatives – all of that is pushing and shifting our economy.” (Maurice)

“The coronavirus removed the muzzle that people had on in terms of complaining about their jobs and seeking different alternatives ... People are realizing the freedoms of not having to go into a cubicle every day.” (Maurice)

“Any time you have great change you have a lot of problems that need to be solved, and those solutions are profitable and that leads to a great stock market.” (Maurice)

“It’s going to come down to the have’s and the have-not’s … At the end of the day you just really have to have your money right to make certain moves. Period.” (Ablavi)

“It isn’t fair but if your income isn’t at a certain place, unfortunately you’re going to be adversely impacted. That’s just how it works.” (Ablavi)

“The Fed’s going to do what the Fed’s going to do, but if the economy is going to expand, it will expand. I’m really excited.” (Maurice)

What We Covered:

0:00 - Intros

1:00 – Sharing reflections on 2021, including cultural shifts that are fostering candid conversations about money.

3:20 – Last year saw clients opening up to things they previously thought were for “other people,” like investing in Bitcoin or other lesser-known market vehicles.

5:20 – About resolutions and what they look like, year over year. Intentionality is the mantra for Marcus, which Maurice reveals is coincidentally a huge goal within his household as well.

8:00 – About keeping 2022 resolutions going beyond the Q1 “gym effect,” in which enthusiasm for diet and exercise goals drops off a few months into the new year.

9:08 – The panel reflects on some of their favorite podcast episodes* of 2021, including:

*Available on iTunes, Podbean, Google Podcast and @

13:33 – Looking ahead to the coming year’s forecast, Maurice uses historical references to understand where we are geo-politically, economically and technologically.

16:21 – Pandemic has had tremendous impacts on our culture around work and alternatives to being chained to a cubicle and unhappy work conditions.

16:55 – Marcus shares thoughts on stock market volatility. There are uncertainties that could impact the overall economy, but he doesn’t see this as a reason to shy away from long-term investments that pay off over time.

18:47 – Ablavi takes a look at the real estate market and upcoming Federal Reserve interest rate changes as well as inventory and points of entry. Marcus also reports huge demand in Nashville pushing per-square-foot pricing and whether that growth is sustainable. Maurice sees a steady trajectory as the “New New South” builds out.

23:45 – Some historic perspective. Maurice recalls the arc of the “new black middle class” in Atlanta dating to the 80s, its flowering over time and replication in Nashville’s more recent boom. Charlotte doesn’t quite yet have the same mix of culture and vibrancy, but “hope springs eternal.”

25:08 – The Fed: It’s always front-and-center for investors and can do no right, especially when it comes to increasing interest rates. But Maurice notes the anomaly that black families have historically improved their financial picture during periods of overall rate tightening.

27:45 – The hosts pause to share their excitement about what lays ahead both for the podcast and Wilson Wealth’s clients moving into 2022.

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