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Stock of the Week: Tesla

Stock of the Week: Tesla (TSLA)

Which Generation? Builder

NOTE: Wilson Wealth views the accumulation of wealth over three generations

1) Builder 2) Grower and 3) Sustainer. We consider this stock a wealth building stock.

3 Questions to Consider

Will your grandkids drive a gas-powered car?

Is an electric car better for the environment?

Will corporate America focus on making environmentally friendly product in the future?

Cool like Apple

As with the computer company, Tesla occupies a space in the public's mind that transcends the mere nuts and bolts of creating a product. GM manufactures cars: Tesla makes experiences. Customers buy this experience, and they are willing to pay a premium for it, which is excellent for the stock.

The iPod Effect

At one point, Apple's founder, Steve Jobs, was forced out of the company, and the CEO at that time sought a buyer for Apple. The reason? Apple was a great story, but not a great company. They had yet to create a product that could sell. Then Jobs returned with the iPod concept, and the rest is history. Tesla's Model 3 appears to be their "iPod." As of March 2020, it is the best-selling electric car in history.

More Power, Please

Twenty years ago, if you were in an airport or hotel lobby and your phone died, you were out of luck. Today's business traveler has several outlets available in their hotel or airport terminal to plug in their cell phone charger. Currently, electric car drivers do not have many places to charge their cars when traveling. America's need to upgrade its power grid will include creating more locations for electric car drivers to charge their vehicles. A by-product of this will be increased purchases of electric cars, a development that should benefit Tesla.

Stock Performance

Much has been made about Tesla's eye-popping stock return for 2020, but do not lose sight of the bigger story. Tesla is up over 1,500% from it is 2010 debut through the end of 2019. Amazon had a similar year, where the stock gained over 100%. This massive gain was before Jeff Bezos introduced Amazon Prime. If Tesla continues to innovate similarly, the results should follow.

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