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Smart Portfolios

Because suitcases didn't always have wheels.

It seems silly now, but travelers used to tote heavy suitcases down long terminal corridors, through hotel lobbies, and across convention floors.  Then someone had the bright idea to put wheels on suitcases and traveling got a lot easier. We’ve managed to innovate every area of our lives to make things easier – smart phones, smart homes, smart cars, etc., but what about our investment portfolios? 


At Wilson Wealth we’ve created a series of smart portfolios.  Smart portfolios reduce stress for investors and give them more opportunities to build wealth.

  • What are traditional investment portfolios?
    Traditional investment portfolios are portfolios that have a mix of stocks and bonds that break down accordingly: Conservative Portolio 60% Stocks 40% Bonds Moderate Portfolio 70% Stocks 30% Bonds Aggressive Portfolio 80% Stocks 20% Bonds What you will notice about these portfolios is that even the conservative portfolio requires that an investor risk more than half their money in the stock market. This is fine when the market is going up, but when a bear market occurs putting this amount of money at risk can lead to significant stress for the investor.
  • What makes smart portfolios different?
    Smart portfolios remove the stress that comes from traditional investment portfolios. A traditional portfolio typically requires that you risk most of your investable assets to reach your financial goal. This requirement can lead to significant stress for the investor when the market takes a turn for the worse. Smart portfolios reduce this stress, by removing the need to expose so much of an investor's money to the stock market.
  • What else makes smart portfolios different?
    Everyone understands that to make money in the stock market you need to buy investments at low prices. Smart portfolios put you in position to take advantage of lower prices during stock market declines. This gives investors the opportunity to buy low after market pullbacks (declines of 5% or more), corrections (declines of 10% or more), and bear markets (declines of 20% or more). Smart portfolios are different because they give investors more opportunities to buy low.
  • Who should consider using smart portfolios?
    An investor with $100,000 or more to invest stands to benefit the most from using a smart portfolio. The reduction in investment related stress and the knowledge that you will have the opportunity to buy after stock market declines makes a smart portfolio an attractive solution for investors with portfolios of this size or larger.



Unlike annuities, smart portfolios give you access to 100% of your money without penalties.


Target date funds don't allow you to aim for aggressive growth as long as smart portfolios allow.

less money

Smart portfolios require less of your money to be exposed to the stock market than traditional portfolios.


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reduce your stress

First, we reduce the stress in your portfolio to a level that gives you peace of mind.


increase your  opportunity

Next, we choose how many or how few opportunities you want to buy low.


get your


Finally we help you sleep even better at night by rounding out your portfolio with the right amount of bonds.

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