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Business meeting

Early Exit or Early Retirement?

Jan, our long-time client, faced a career dilemma after 20 years of corporate success and a tempting buyout offer. Considering early retirement, she sought our expertise.


Together, we analyzed her financial landscape, weighed the buyout pros and cons, and crafted a tailored solution for her future.

Urban Businessman View

College Savings or Wealth Building?

​Young parent Marcus faced the challenge of late wealth-building and ensuring college savings for his middle schooler. Recognizing the urgency, we, committed to building wealth for today and tomorrow, presented Marcus with a strategic plan to achieve both financial goals efficiently.

Filling Out Tax Form

High Income Today, Low Taxes Tomorrow

Regina, our client since college, hit six figures early in her Fortune 500 career but loathed high taxes.


Seeking solutions, we revealed a counterintuitive yet effective strategy, aligning with her goal for a tax-efficient future.

Office Coffee Break

I have an idea...

Long-time client James returned from a trip with a unique portfolio idea outside our norm.


After thorough research and back testing, we crafted a tailored solution, seamlessly integrating his innovative approach across multiple accounts.

Businessman with Electronic Gadgets

Why can't I have both?

After years of DIY investing, Sam sought our help for a balanced approach. Acknowledging the power of passive index investing and the benefits of individual stocks, we shared our solution to seamlessly integrate both strategies into his portfolio, aligning with our core investment thesis.

Female Student

I don't want to look at any of this!

Leslie, thriving in a career at a public university with a growing side business, needed a streamlined approach for managing multiple accounts and taxes.


We connected her with a CPA and utilized our tech platform to seamlessly oversee her held-away accounts, enabling her to focus on both career growth and business success effortlessly.

Business meeting

I want more options, but only one goal.

Raja sought more investment options beyond his company 401k. Managing existing outside accounts himself, he desired efficiency.


Leveraging our tech platform, we seamlessly integrated all his accounts into one strategy with a common investment goal.


I'm not selling my stocks, but...

​Lynne, with wealth concentrated in two successful stock positions, desired diversification without selling winners.


Leveraging our custodian, we provided a solution that maintained the success of her past choices while bringing diversification to her portfolio.

Business Meeting

My advisor won't call me back

Will came to us frustrated that his current advisor was slow to respond, causing him to miss 401k contribution deadlines and disrupting his wealth-building. Thanks to our CPA referral partner, we swiftly set up a new Solo 401k for Will and his wife, automating contributions with his payroll provider. At Wilson Wealth, prompt communication and proactive solutions are non-negotiable.

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