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  • Maurice Wilson

Container Homes 101

On today’s episode of the Wilson Wealth Show, Ciera and Maurice talk about another alternative home option, shipping container homes. Shipping container homes are a fast-growing trend where out-of-service container homes are used as building materials for various types of unique homes. With homes ranging from a little as 10,000 dollars to as much as 175,000 dollars depending on how many are stacked and what amenities are put in, these containers are a cheap way to build your dream house or a minimal starter home. Find out if a container home is right for you in this week's installment of this month's series: Alternative Homes.

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“This can be for people of all socioeconomic classes; you can get a cheap starter home in your 20s or if your older and more established you can build the home of your dreams and go crazy with the design for half the price.” - Maurice


“You can pretty much do anything you want design wise; you can have them laid out farmhouse style or stack them to make multiple floors, it doesn’t have to be boxy I've seen a lot of cool designs with big windows and a more modern style.” - Ciera


“The smallest shipping container can be as small as 100 square feet, but eight larger containers put together can make a two-story house with about 1400 square feet of floor space.” - Ciera

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