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  • Maurice Wilson

Dating & Money Pt. 2

Dating & Money Part 2:

This week's Podcast showcases the exciting conclusion to Dating and money in our final installment of this month's series “What's Love Got to Do with It?”.

Things heat up with more hard-hitting questions about how our finances fit into our dating lives.

Our panelists discuss questions that most would consider sensitive subjects in dating such as “At what point in dating do you ask how much someone has in savings, investments, a trust account or if they will be coming into a significant amount of money from an insurance policy or will?” or “What’s most important when dating as it pertains to money: career, credit, salary or savings?”. These different generations all have different points of view on these more difficult questions and many other subjects such as prenups, children, flashing cash and even religious perspectives in relationships.



“My biggest question is can we grow together? Are we on the same page? Those are the things I think are the most important when dealing with finances in relationships”. -Cassandra


“There's a difference between protecting your assets and stealing; if we are really struggling and you're sitting on a million plus, that’s stealing, but if we are crushing it and you're sitting on that million plus, that’s protecting your assets.” - Maurice


“What's most important to me is a person's stewardship of their money. Managing your money is so much more important than how much you're making”. -Greg


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