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Is Private School Worth It?

On this week's episode of the Wilson Wealth Show, our team discusses a big investment that many well-off families make for their children, private schooling. We ask the question, is private school worth it? We did a deep dive into the difference between private and public-school testing scores as well as some research on pricing, and which celebrities attended private vs public school. With private school costing almost as much as a college education, join us as we weigh the pros and cons of such an expense and find out if its right for you!

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“If your objective is to create generational wealth, then private school is not matching up with that objective” - Ablavi

“Basically, private school is for people who already have generational wealth, usually for legacy purposes, it's not really cohesive with the middle-class lifestyle” -Ciera

“Private school is like a trap fueled by peer pressure, once you're in it and its not working, it seems like social suicide to take your kids out”- Maurice

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