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  • Maurice Wilson

The Wedding Hustle: Part 2

Today's podcast starts off our new series on the American wedding industry, today we are talking about The Wedding Hustle: How America’s Wedding Industry Gets Rich. The wedding industry is seeing a huge boom after COVID-19 canceled so many weddings back in 2020. With everyone trying to have the perfect wedding on a budget, don’t let the wedding industry take advantage of you!


Listen in as Ciera, Maurice, and Ablavi give their controversial opinions about wedding culture and the industry it fuels.


Please visit us at, on Instagram and Twitter @wilsonwealth and on Facebook for more information about us and the company, we’ll see you guys next week on the Wilson Wealth Show.




“If you’re in the wedding industry, you’re robbing people.” - Ciera McCosh



“Vendors charge more for the same services if they know the event they are catering is a wedding.” - Ciera


“Those who aren't getting married should not be inflicting pressure on those who are.” - Ablavi

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