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  • Maurice Wilson

Dating & Money Pt 1


In this week's podcast, we explore the world of money and dating in three big categories:

1) millennial and unmarried with guests Ciera and Connor

2) late thirties and dating with guests Greg and Toccara;

3) and lastly, for our 40+ group and divorced, we have our guest Cassandra.

We asked all our guests a series of questions based on an old client of Maurice’s dating philosophy where he only dated within his credit score to protect himself. This begged the question; "At what point of dating do we ask our significant other their credit score?" 

What about how much they make?

Find out how these different generations tackled the hard questions with their unique perspectives in our first installment of this month's series "What's Love Got To Do With It?".

Notable Quotes

    " From the perspective of someone in their 20's, everyone is still figuring things out. You could meet someone who has no idea what credit is at the same age as someone with fantastic credit, so it can be hard to navigate" - Ciera

    "I'm more interested in a person's spending habits rather than their credit, that tells much more about a person than a credit score"- Greg

    "I know doctors and Lawyers whose lifestyles don't reflect their salaries, so as long as you're living a comfortable life within your means, I don't care whether you make 30 or 60 grand"- Greg

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