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Ep 25: Will the Housing Market Crash?

In today's episode of the Wilson Wealth Show, we dive into the insanity that is the current housing market. This year has broken every record imaginable in the selling and buying market, creating what many experts are theorizing is a bubble reminiscent of the 2007 crash. In part one of this two-part series, we are deep diving into all the arguments theorizing another historic crash in the market, and giving our predictions based on our research and opinions. Next week, in part two, we will be looking into other sources saying otherwise and why. So tune in and find out what the housing market means for you and your future home.

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“The housing market is seeing all-time record-breaking statistics across the board. Home prices: record high. Inventory: record low. Percentage of homes selling above asking price: record high. Average time on market: record low.” -Ciera


“Literally builders can’t build new homes fast enough and it’s getting to the point, where some aren’t even paying real estate agents or if they are they are lowering their commission, because there is so much demand. It comes down to supply and demand. When demand is high, prices go up.” -Ablavi


“The bubble occurs when hype and reality create a virtuous buying cycle that keeps the prices of an asset rising until eventually all the buyers dry up (for a host of different reasons) and the cycle unwinds, or the bubble bursts.” -Maurice

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