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  • Maurice Wilson

Ep 27: Freedom & Success with Derrick Salter

On this week's episode of the Wilson Wealth Show, we interview successful entrepreneurand friend of the show Derrick Salter. Derrick Gives us a tell- all about his journey from a successful and beloved school principal to a very successful entrepreneur running his own real estate business and living life on his own terms. We were most interested in Derricks speedy success, in just under five years he’s gone from five investment properties to over 40 with more on the way. Tune in to find out what he has to say about his success and what it took for him to get to where he is today. To find out more about us and the company,please visit us at, on Instagram and Twitter @wilsonwealth and on Facebook



Most people can’t do what I do. - Derrick Salter

I listened to my wife and she said you’re actually losing money going to that job everyday. - Derrick Salter

Having passion alone doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be successful. - Maurice Wilson

I just did it instead of just talking about it. - Derrick Salter

All my friends started making money. - Derrick Salter

I wish I would have bought more real estate earlier on. - Derrick Salter

In order to help somebody else you got to help yourself first. - Derrick Salter

You have to have luck. - Derrick Salter

Doing it and not talking about has been the biggest key to my success. - Derrick Salter


For more information about us and the company, visit us at, on Instagram and Twitter @wilsonwealth and on Facebook

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