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Has the Glass Ceiling Been Shattered?

In today's podcast we ask the hard question “has the glass ceiling been broken?” regarding women in corporate America today. With the Inauguration of Kamala Harris, a monumental win for women across the country, we are seeing a shift in the conversation about equality between men and women in the workplace. So, is the inequality gone? How much has corporate America really changed in the last 20 years? Our special guests Francheska Werner and Akilah Charlamagne answer these hard-hitting questions and more. These women have been navigating corporate America for the last 20 plus years and have seen the changes themselves, as well as been a part of the change. Find out more about what these ladies had to say in this week's installment of women and money “ Has the Glass Ceiling Been Broken?”

Francheska Bio:

Francheska Werner is an experienced sales leader that has worked in the Biotech and Molecular Genetics Laboratory Industries for over 24 years. She helps organizations meet and exceed sales objectives through development of go to market strategies, integration of sales and marketing programs and by supporting the field sales team. Hers is a philosophy of servant leadership that encourages innovation and accountability. This allows the team to execute at the highest level possible.

Akilah Bio:

Akilah Charlemagne, who is an influential Human Resources Business Partner and Relationship Builder with 20 years of experience working in Technology, Higher Education, Healthcare and the Non-Profit sector. She launched Career Lemonade in 2019 – where she partners with professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to make a shift while increasing their confidence and supporting them in making better Career & Business decisions.

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