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  • Maurice Wilson

How to Build a Billion Dollar Roth IRA

In today's episode of the Wilson Wealth show, we are talking about Roth IRAs and the people who beat the system and made billions off them. The most famous example of this is Peter Theil. Peter Theil is the co-founder of PayPal, however he is most known for his five-billion-dollar Roth Individual Retirement Account balance. Join us as we discuss ethical dilemmas, congressional responses and how the average person can make significant money through these investment vehicles as well.


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“Peter has congress second guessing the tax policies of these investment vehicles. Massachusetts Democratic Representative Richard Neal, who chairs the House Ways and means Committee, has requested a proposal to “stop IRAs from being exploited.” -Ciera

“The outrage should be targeted at the politicians that protect these loopholes not the people who jump through them.” -Maurice

“These are tools to help you build wealth in the stock market. Tools get misused all the time. Using these accounts for retirement is a misuse.” -Maurice

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