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  • Maurice Wilson

Is your Spouse a Good Investment

Today's podcast is more geared towards women because women are becoming the new breadwinners and are often the main caretakers of their children. Investing in your spouse can mean a few things, such as supporting them through school, or even helping them start a business. So how as a woman are you to approach these big financial decisions when love is the motivation? Should Wives invest in their husbands despite possible risks? Let's ask the question: "Is your spouse a good investment?" and see what our hosts have to say today!



“I Think a woman needs to protect her credit from the business” -Maurice


“It's not a one size fits all, you have to evaluate your partner and your specific situation and go from there.” - Ablavi


“I think it's perfectly fine to have all the student loans in the person who's getting the degrees name, but have the breadwinner to help with the payments” -Ciera


“Don’t do anything for your spouse financially that you can't easily unwind” - Maurice


“I think Married couples should have three bank accounts; his, hers, and ours”-Maurice


“It's not unheard of for a spouse to empty a bank account when things break badly and leave the other hanging”- Maurice


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