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  • Maurice Wilson

Should I Wait to Have a Child?

In today's podcast, The Wilson Wealth Show navigates a conversation about the trend of women choosing to have children later in life and why that is. Ciera and Ablavi talk about their own experiences with the phenomenon and why they think it's ultimately a good idea in today's economic climate. They also discuss the financial and life impact of having a child and why planning is so important. Find out more about budgeting, planning, stigma, and everything that goes with having a child as an older woman in "Should I Wait to Have A Child" on the Wilson Wealth Show.


“You need to plan for a baby in the same way you’d plan for any big purchase in your life like college or purchasing a home.”

“If you want children, don’t put it on the back burner because it won't just fall into place, it takes a lot of planning and sometimes scientific help if you’re an older woman.”


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