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  • Maurice Wilson

The Value of HBCUs

In this week's episode of The Wilson Wealth Show, Maurice highlights the value of historically black colleges and universities. With the election of Vice President Kamala Harris as a Howard University graduate, which is the nation's premier HBCU; this has opened a conversation about how HBCU's are often underappreciated and undervalued. According to our research, HBCU's often are the best values in price, networking, and obviously opportunity as Kamala Harris has proved by being both the first black and female Vice President.

Is there something we are missing out on by not sending our children to HBCUs? Is there still a stigma about HBCUs that is preventing us from getting the best value out of the most expensive part of parenthood?

Find out more about this interesting take and more with Maurice in our final February episode on the Wilson Wealth Show.


“If you’re in the black community or if you’re in a historically underserved or underrepresented community, you know the significance when someone from your community achieves something that is unprecedented. It expands the horizon of what can be accomplished by you and your community.”

– Maurice L. Wilson


“One of the perceived cons of going to a black college is that after graduation you couldn’t compete in a wide-open workforce and integrated economy and Kamala not only broke those barriers but gave hope to future HBCU students.”

– Maurice L. Wilson


"Everybody loves a college student; nobody loves an unemployed college graduate.”  – Maurice L. Wilson


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