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  • Maurice Wilson

Tiny Homes 101

In today's episode of The Wilson Wealth show, our host, Ciera, and financial advisor Maurice talk about the Tiny Home movement. Tiny homes were popularized a few years ago by millennials and viewed as a fad. However, in recent years many home builders have jumped on the bandwagon and offer many different options for those looking to live in a sustainable home with travel abilities. With many millennials and older Gen Z unable to purchase a house the traditional way due to the current economic downturn and rough housing market, Wilson Wealth is showcasing different affordable options this month with our series "Alternative Homes."

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“You have to remember it is a downsize, depending on what you get they can be smaller than a studio or about the size of a one-bedroom apartment” - Ciera

“I think this is a good option for people who are either younger or retired who just want to travel around in their actual home” - Ciera

“Owning a tiny home would create equity just like owning any home, so it would be a better option than wasting money on an apartment that does nothing but drain money” - Maurice

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