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Trapped By Success


On this episode of The Wilson Wealth Show, Maurice, Ciera, and Ablavi discuss what it means to be trapped by success; how it happens and how you can escape, sharing real life examples and solutions. Ciera explains that it is possible to reach financial milestones and still find yourself unfulfilled by the job, the house, the family trips and all the other things that come with success. She says when this happens, you can begin to feel trapped. This episode focuses on strategies for how you can do what you love and get paid for it.

Maurice begins by diving into what causes someone to get trapped. He explains that if you have not established healthy financial milestones throughout your life you may not be equipped to pivot or take a risk when you find yourself in a career you don’t enjoy. Parental pressure can also be a factor. It’s not unusual for parents to set the focus of a child on the wrong thing and that pressure to make ends meet can easily point them in the wrong direction. The parents might satisfied but in 20 years the child is trapped causing the cycle to repeat generationally.

If the goal is to make a living doing what you love than the key to escaping the trap of success is to keep focused on that goal. Maurice has years of experiencing helping clients reach that goal and suggests setting a 5-year window. Take five years to pursue a new direction whole heartedly by making sacrifices and adjusting your retirement timeline accordingly. After the five years is up assess whether you have attained your goal or return to your original plan having borrowed the five years from your retirement. As Ablavi points out, escaping the trap is rewarding but requires mental fortitude to step into the unknown.

Ciera summarizes by suggesting 3 key takeaways. First, determine if you are trapped by success. Take a long look at your life and what you’re doing and decide if you are happy and proud of what you’re doing. Second, if you discover that you’re not it may be time to look into other options so you can have that fulfillment and escape the trap of success. Finally, and most importantly, create a strategy to get paid doing what you love. Wilson Wealth is experienced and equipped to help with that. Visit and check out the trapped by success infographic that describes Maurice’s escape plan in greater detail.

We hope that you found this episode helpful and we look forward to you joining us again next time!

Key Quotes:

 “When you are trapped by success you have one of two options. You can remain trapped or you can figure out a strategy to attain the fulfillment you desire.” (Ablavi)

“If you’re not making any money as an adult doing what you love you’ve got to figure out a way to pay the bills until what you love starts paying you.” (Ablavi)

 “Vilification of money has been used as a coping mechanism for people to make excuses for not living up to their potential.” (Maurice)

“ You have good intentions but at the end of the day you cannot force yourself to be a different person. You are who you are.” (Ciera)

“The escape is actually quite simple, just like the goal of making a living doing what you love.” (Maurice)

What We Covered:

1:05 – What does it mean to be trapped by success

5:50 – What causes someone to get trapped

11:49 – Impact of parental pressure

23:55 – The goal: make a living doing what you love

24:22 – How to escape the trap and reach your goal

27:35 – 3 Key Takeaways

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